Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia ALLgun Sprayer(Death Sprayer for all guns):Migrated

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia ALLgun Sprayer(Death Sprayer for all guns):Migrated

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia ALLgun Sprayer(Death Sprayer for all guns):Migrated

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Today, we have just published a post on a Death Sprayer mod for all guns in DA-2. Are you confused by the term ‘Death Sprayer’?

About DeathSprayer

A type of Mod in which where we start shooting, enormous amount of bullets of the specific weapon will approach the enemy instead of just one(Not Bullet per shot). It was first invented by one of our favourite modders- Shihab Soft.

We have seen many great modders release it with different weapons. But here i have done it for all the weapons except M16 and PHASR(because death sprayers don’t have much effect on them).

It contains some of the features of Simple Mod. So are you ready to experience the Mod? See the info of the mod below, you will find the download link there!

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia All Gun Deathsprayer v4.0.42

Name: ALLgun_Deathspray_by_YETZIO.apk

App_name: Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

Build_version: v4.0.42

Developer: Appsomniacs

Modded: Yes

Modder_name: YET ZIO


File hosted on: Mediafire

Download Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia ALLgun Deathspray Mod(Size: 48.00mb)


  • Pro Pack Enabled: Pro Pack is enabled, now you can wield pro pack weapons, use pro pack features.
  • Battle Points: 12600, buy and enjoy ;-[)-
  • Unlimited Health: No one and nothing can reduce your health in the game, whatever happens.
  • Unlimited Bullets/No Reducing of bullets from initial state: This is a type of Unlimited Ammo mod but unlike normal unlimited ammo mod, the bullets will not be 01 and 01, the bullets of the weapon will be the same like for eg: The Bullets of AK47 will be 35, 200 and this will not decrease. This will work on all weapons except M16, sorry guys 🙁 .
  • Unlimited Boost/Flying Power: The Boost or Power that helps you to fly will be unlimited, means it will not reduce by any means.
  • Weapons will never Reload: Due to the unlimited bullets, you will never see the weapons reloading, resulting in unlimited bullets(will not work on M16). Again Sorry 🙁
  • Unlimited Grenades: Grenades are unlimited, whatever grenades you throw like fragnade, gasnade, proxynade, empnade, etc will not reduce the amount of it.

Deathsprayers Info

  1. SMAW Sprayer(Rocket Launcher Spray): enabled
  2. SAWGUN Sprayer(Saw Spray): enabled
  3. EMPGUN Sprayer(EMP Spray): enabled
  4. M93BA Sprayer(Sniper Spray): enabled
  5. RG6 Sprayer(Mortar Spray): enabled
  6. Shotgun Sprayer(Shotgun Spray): enabled
  7. MAGNUM Sprayer(Magnum Spray): enabled
  8. DEAGLE Sprayer(Pistol/ Desert Eagle Spray): enabled
  9. MINIGUN Sprayer(Minigun Spray): enabled
  10. GDEAGLE Sprayer(Golden Pistol/Golden-Desert Eagle Spray): enabled
  11. AK47 Sprayer(AK47 Spray): enabled
  12. FLAMETHROWER Spray(Flame Spray): enabled
  13. MP5 Sprayer(MP5 Spray): enabled
  14. M14 Sprayer(M14/Super Spray): enabled
  15. Tavor Tar Spray(Tavor Spray): enabled
  16. TEC-9 Sprayer(Teccy Sprayer): enabled
  17. UZI Sprayer(Uzi Spray): enabled
  18. XM8 Sprayer(XM8 Spray): enabled
  19. M16 Spray: disabled(No effect)
  20. PHASR(Laser Gun) Spray: disabled(No effect)

That’s all about this mod, i hope you enjoyed!

  1. If you didn’t get the download link, then here it is: Download Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia ALLgun Deathspray Mod(Size: 48.00mb)

NOTE: The ALLgun Deathsprayer Mod will be released for upcoming latest versions too if any with the same or with more features.

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Bye guys!


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