Grim is an Advanced simple yet another text editor which has almost all the features of a text editor and compaitable with most platforms. Contributed by @Yet-Zio. Grim was created by Yet-Zio and is owned by him and his organisation-Master-Console_ Inc. Grim is distributed in the MIT License which is a permissive free software license originating at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Know more

Grim’s latest releases will be published on Master-Console Inc. and source codes will be available on Github

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Version Info:

Stable version: 1.0.0(Working)

About F-Beta version: 0.9.7(Accomplished and Successful)


Name Version Platform Download
Grim Text Editor(Windows) v1.0.0 Microsoft Windows Grim-Text-Editor-v1.0.0-win-setup.exe
Grim Text Editor(Linux) v1.0.0 Linux


Grim Text Editor has it own Github repository because its open-source!

Here: //

Requirements(Only for Linux)

Python v2.7.x installed

wxPython/wxGtk v3.0.20 installed

Tested on: Kali Linux(Debian)


  • File Menu

  • New File (Ctrl+N): Creates a New file, type your text and enjoy. (✔)
  • Open File (Ctrl+O): Open your file and do whatever you wanna do. (✔)
  • Save File (Ctrl+S): Save your file. Your files will be normally saved as .soul file unless you give them a filename and extension(✔)
  • Save As (Alt+S): Save the file as. (✔)
  • Close (Windows: Ctrl+ W)(Linux: Ctrl + Q) : Closes the application. (✔)
  • Edit menu

  • Undo (Ctrl+Z): Undoes your last action. (✔)
  • Redo (Ctrl+Y): Redoes your last action. (✔)
  • Select All (Ctrl+A): Selects all the data in the file/ document. (✔)
  • Copy (Ctrl+C): Copies your text to the clipboard. (✔)
  • Cut (Ctrl+X): Cuts the text and copies to the clipboard. (✔)
  • Paste (Ctrl+V): Pastes the text from the clipboard. (✔)
  • Delete (Del): Deletes the selected text. (✔)
  • Preferences Menu

  • Toggle with Line Numbers: Show/Hide the Line numbers. By default it is Enabled (✔)
  • Help Menu

  • How to…? (F1): Help for how to use Grim. (✔)
  • Report Bug!: Helps you to report a bug. You can also report bug using Report_Bug_Here.html located on help/ReportBug/ Folder. (✔)
  • About: Helps you to know about Grim, its version you are using and the developers. (✔)
  • ToolBar

  • ToolBar has all the normal features that has to be in a text editor, explore yourself. 😉 (✔)
  • Syntax Highlighting

Your Syntaxes are highlighted, currently added for:

  • Normal Text (✔)
  • Python (✔)
  • Upcoming Features

  • Toggle Status Bar. (✘)
  • Find and Replace Functionality. (✘)
  • Syntax Highlighting for other languages. (✘)
  • Encoding Functionality. (✘)
  • Launch Terminal for build process… (✘)
  • More Features will be thought to be added to Grim soon…


  • Windows

Use the setup.exe file of Grim to install Grim text editor on Windows

  • Linux

Download the file and extract it.

Open the folder and launch your terminal there. Now make it executable by typing ‘chmod +x’

Now in Terminal, type ‘python ./ and Enjoy using grim!

To Contributions and Contributors

Contributions to grim are welcome and to contributors, we will surely appreciate your gift or your presentation of any kind of new source/feature for our grim. If you have got no ideas, you can surely help us by contributing themes for grim. For that you can the edit the grim_settings.xml file located on grim_settings folder. Your names will surely be given in the about for grim if you contribute to us.