Master-Browser_ is an simple yet enough mastered browser that is fast and simple which works on Android. Contributed by @Yet-Zio

Master-Browser_ is an Android Application which was created by Yet Zio and owned by him and his Organisation-Master-Console_. Master-Browser is licensed under the Apache License which is a permissive free software license written by the Apache Software Foundation, Know More.

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Alternative Platforms

Master-Browser_ is currently supported only on Android. For other operating systems, it will be made soon.

Supported versions

Tested till Android API Level-25(Nougat v7.1.2) and works fine!, don’t know if it will work on Oreo and its followed-after versions.

Minimum Android version: 4.x+


Name Version Platform Download
Master-Browser(Android) v1.0.4 Android Master-Browser-v1.0.4.apk
Master-Browser(Android) v1.0.0 Android Master-Browser-v1.0.0.apk


Master-Browser has its own Github repository because it open-source!

Here: //

What’s New in v1.0.4?

  • Fixed issues with signature in some phones.
  • Added support to Android v4.0(Ice-Cream-Sandwich). Lower versions are not supported.
  • Added screen and layout support for all sizes especially tablets.

To Contributions & to Contributors

If you modify our source and present a new feature or fix a bug, it would be highly appreciated, you should also state the changes you made to the source. If you are sharing the source somewhere else and not to us, you must still state the changes you made and should be based on the Apache License v2.0


Has all the features of a browser of what you can think of. Experience yourself!!!

Special Thanks to:

  • Beta Testers

Anonymous(Durgesh): For testing if the apk was installing and working fine with other phones.(Member)

Yet Zio: For Further functions testing.(Main_Developer)

Master-Console_ Inc. Affiliates: For contributing and for storing application in a safe place.(Developers)

  • Tools

  • Android Studio
  • The Android SDK
  • Notepad++
  • Icon Packs

  • Icons8 Website: For Nice Icons
  • My Developers

  • Yet Zio
  • Master-Console_ Inc. Affiliates